Anti-Tilt Oven Rack

Anti-Tilt Oven Rack £37.00

Anti-Tilt Oven Rack

Our oven racks are sturdy, heavy-duty racks, with a large footprint filling the full area of the ovens. They fit into the various shelf positions within the oven cavity.

For Oven Interior Dimensions and Capacity, please check the Technical page to ensure you're buying the correct item. Available for cookers from 2014

Fits 55 litre Anti-Tilt Oven Rack for  Beaune, Bussy, Cluny, Macon, Charlieu, Chablis, Chaussin, Chemin, Flavigny. £37.00

Fits 49/69 litre Anti-Tilt Oven Rack for  Beaune, Bussy, Saulieu, Savigny, Citeaux Side Ovens. £37.00

Fits 74 Litre Oven Roasting Tray for a Cormatin, Rully, Vougeot, Volnay, Saulieu, Savigny, Chalonnais, Citeaux, Bligny, Belmont, Vezelay. £45.00


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