Backsplash & Utensil Racks

Modern Backsplash & Utensil Rack £250.00

Lacanche Moderne BP
lacanche modern 2

The utensil rack comprises a sturdy chrome rail which attaches to a pre-drilled backsplash.

Three hooks are supplied with the utensil rack. Additional hooks are available.

Backsplash Finish: Stainless Steel

Utensil Rack Finish: Chrome

Classic 1000mm Backsplash & Uternsil Rack Package £450.00

Backsplash & Utensil Rack
Kevin Woodford with his Lacanche Chemin in Potuguese Blue and Chrome utensil rack with backsplash

Our best-selling 1000mm backsplash and utensil rack is available at a package price of £450.00 This represents a saving of £91.00 if both items were purchased separately.

Classic Backsplash £253.00

Backsplash With Lacanche Utensil Rack Fitted

Our backsplashes are made from brushed stainless steel. They are designed to protect the back wall behind the cooker and are easy to clean. They also compliment the look of your cooker.

They are available in the same widths as all of our range cooker models and can be chosen with pre-drilled holes to support a Lacanche classic untensil rack. The standard height of all Lacanche backsplashes is 850mm.

Finish: Stainless Steel

Classic Utensil Rack £244.00

Utensil Rack in situ
Chrome Utensil Rack

The Lacanche Classic utensil rack comprises a sturdy stainless steel rail which can be wall mounted or attached to a pre-drilled backsplash. Rail ends are finished in polished chrome or brass.

Five hooks are supplied with the utensil rack. Additional hooks are available.

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