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14/06/2017 - Day 4 Paris or Bust!

Day 4 started with a sense of anticipation and relief that we had made it this far. Neither Candice nor I are cyclists. We had trained like two people obsessed for 4 months, driving our respective families up the wall. Our aim was to make it too… Read More

08/06/2017 - Day 3 of Our 25th Anniversary Challenge

Day 3 of Our 25th Anniversary Challenge Day 3 started bright, sunny and particularly warm. I decided to put some air in Candice’s tyres in the hope she may go faster and everyone was praying for an easier day. The plan was to head south to the town… Read More

08/06/2017 - Day 2 of Our 25th Anniversary Challenge

We always knew that day 2 of the challenge was going to be hard. An early morning ferry followed by 75 miles is not my typical Thursday.  I laid in bed, unsuccessfully trying to will my burning Limbs back to life but it was no use, I had to leave… Read More

05/06/2017 - Day 1 of Our 25th Anniversary Challenge

An early start for Candice and I, standing nervously looking out over London from the Greenwich Observatory. The steel and glass monoliths dominating the view. After a few minutes we were joined by Yuka on what appeared to be an armoured car of a… Read More

26/05/2017 - The Perils of the Road

For this blog I thought I would tackle the contentious issue of the relationship between cyclist and our fellow road users. Now let me put my cards on the table first. I am a born and bred London driver. That means, as far as I am concerned, every… Read More

06/04/2017 - You Can Keep Your High Energy, High Fibre, Protein Bars.

You Can Keep Your High Energy, High Fibre, Protein Bars. As part of this challenge I have been investigating dietary requirements for our 278 mile cycle to Paris. The amount available is simply staggering. There is so much available, which if you… Read More

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