You Can Keep Your High Energy, High Fibre, Protein Bars.

6th April 2017


You Can Keep Your High Energy, High Fibre, Protein Bars.

As part of this challenge I have been investigating dietary requirements for our 278 mile cycle to Paris. The amount available is simply staggering. There is so much available, which if you were to believe the labelling, would have you scaling Mount Everest on a Sunday afternoon. So Candice & I headed out once again into the Dorset countryside with the whimsical idea that we were going to scale part of the Purbeck coast, or as it is also known, the Jurassic Coast.

So as we set off, the sun was shining and we had high hopes that we would cruise through the miles and arrive home fresh and invigorated from our afternoon training. All was well until we reached the picture postcard village of East Lulworth. Between East Lulworth and the village of Steeple is the biggest hill we have ever tackled. It just goes on and on, climbing higher and higher. My thighs were on fire, and my heart had more beats than a Buddy Rich drum solo. Turn after turn it just kept getting higher. In my pain I glanced back to see my esteemed colleague, who I understand was now regretting ever getting on a bike and had particular misgivings as she had planned this route. Finally after what felt like a life time we reached the zenith. Breathless, sweaty and very relieved that the nightmare was over. On to Steeple we pressed, pausing for a moment to think of a dear friend and mentor. Up ahead loomed Corfe Castle built by William the Conqueror and then we finally turned right to reach the halfway point of the ride, the seaside town of Swanage.

At last it was break time and I think both of us were mighty relieved to get off the saddle. Now at this point we would normally reach for the high energy bars and drinks, but on a sunny afternoon in a seaside town there is only one food which will hit the spot. Chips, lovely golden chips. We can both testify to their restorative powers. So you can keep your super high energy bars, when needs must a portion of chips is the best recovery food there is. London to Paris on chips, sounds like a plan to me. 

 You Can Keep Your High Energy, High Fibre, Protein Bars.


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