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Troubleshooting and some commonly asked questions and answers.

Here are some commonly asked questions with answers. If you have a query which is not answered here, please contact us on 01202 733 011 or by our website contact form.

Q. There is a hole in the control panel of my cooker. It looks as if an LED is missing, or a part has fallen out.

A. Does your cooker have a gas oven? If so then this hole is meant to be in the control panel. It provides access for an engineer to control and regulate the mixture of gas and airflow for the gas oven.

Q. My electric oven has stopped working. I think it may have blown/cut out.

A. Each electric oven is equipped with a safety thermostat. If this is tripped, the oven will be isolated and power will be cut off from that oven. The safety thermostat can be reset by you – on more recent models a small button is located to the rear of the oven accessible via the hob mounted rear oven vents. With the oven turned off remove the oven vent above the oven that is not working. Unscrew the black cap and then press the red button to reset. Refit the black cap and oven vent. Turn the power back onto the cooker and turn the oven on. If the oven does not work please contact the service department. On earlier models, the button may be located in different places. Please ring for information as to where, and how to access it. Note: There is not necessarily a fault with your oven however if the thermostat continues to trip please contact the service department 01202 733011 option 2

Q. One of my burners is not lighting properly.

A. Check it is clean by dissembling and cleaning the brass burner cap and cap stand. If the problem persists please contact us.

Q. When I turn my gas hobs down, the flame extinguishes with a squeaky pop.

A. When decreasing or increasing the power of the burners, push the control knob in and turn slowly, holding it at the required level briefly (one or two seconds) before releasing slowly. This is particularly recommended with cookers running off LPG (bottled gas).

Q. My oven door is not closing properly. I do not think it is the door seals.

A. It could be that there is a problem with the hinge mechanism of your oven door. If you suspect this please contact our Service Department Tel: 01202733011 Option 2

Q. One of my control knobs is loose/comes off easily.

A. The control knobs are designed to come off, but they should be stiff and not come off easily. It is easily rectified by inserting a new spring clip using a pair of pliers. Contact our Service Department to purchase a new spring clip and for instructions.

Q. Condensation is building up on the wall behind my range.

A. Lacanche range ovens have a high energy efficiency rating which means that almost no heat escapes from the oven cavity or door. For cooking, this means that the environment inside the oven cavity is hot and steamy, ideal for baking and roasting. However, all ovens must vent and the ventilation point on your Lacanche are the hob vents positioned at the rear of the hob top. The amount of condensation generated can vary by the type of food being cooked and for how long. The other major factor in the amount of condensation generated is the environment that the range is being used. Brick chimney breast, old uninsulated walls, and open plan areas will reduce the ambient temperature around the range which will increase the amount of condensation.

Condensation issues occur on many brands of appliances with high energy efficiency ratings and are not considered a fault but a by-product of highly efficient ovens.

Q How do can I prevent condensation

A. Always use an extractor fan when cooking in the oven. Prior to cooking have the extractor running.

A. Ensure that the oven is preheated prior to cooking.

A. Use a tight-fitting lid or wrap food well in foil to seal in moisture.

Q. The door seals need replacing.

A. Contact us for a new door seal, which simply clips on in place of the old one.

Q. My control knobs get hot

A. Have you checked that your oven door is closing properly and that the seals are working correctly (above)? Is your cooker correctly installed? (See Installation Instructions and Building In Guide Lines). It may be that better air circulation is required around your cooker to allow for correct ventilation. The insertion of a back-strip may help (see Back-Strips under the Product Tab of the website).

Q. There is a deterioration of the enamel around the end of the towel rails.

A. This has almost certainly been caused by mishandling i.e. someone trying to lift or move the cooker using the towel rail. This is not covered by the warranty.

Q. I am unable to simmer properly on a gas hob.

A. You should be able to simmer on any of the gas rings. If you are using a small pot, try simmering over a smaller ring. If this is still not working it may be that your cooker is not Commissioned properly. Commissioning is the job of the person who installed/connected the cooker. Please see the section on Commissioning.

Q. My induction hobs is not working and there is an L symbol in the display.

A. The induction hob is in the locked position. To unlock, turn the control knob of the effected hob anti-clockwise to the 11 o’clock position and hold for 10 seconds or until the A symbol appears on the display.
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