Salamander Grill & Rotisserie

Salamander Grill & Rotisserie £1950.00

Salamander Grill & Rotisserie

Mounted at the height of your choice, and with open sides and front, the Lacanche Salamander is easy to operate and keep clean. It features a powerful, variable temperature grill and timer. The huge grill area (500mm x 300mm) and detachable grill pan mean that you can grill whole fish, cuts of meat and game and poultry. The grill pan is a gastronorm 1/1 size pan and fits into any of our 74- litre ovens.

The additional rotisserie allows you to spit roast food as you would find in the best restaurants and bistros. It is a substantial rotisserie (will happily take a boned leg of lamb for example). Chicken from the rotisserie looks and tastes like no other. There are different height settings for the grill tray and rotisserie.

It is easy to install, requiring only a 13 amp power supply .

The Lacanche Salamander Grill is a truly unique product that takes grilling onto another level of cooking and convenience, providing professional grilling in the home. It is ideal for fish, meat and vegetables, finishing whole - gratins, crème brûlé - and spit roasting whole joints of meat.

Available in both Classic & Modern versions.


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